No tokens

So i looked to see what teir we need in order to get reset tokens and upon looking at the teir 7 inc i saw there were no tokens. Only 25 of each boost. Where are the tokens. Do we not get them anymore? Is this a glitch or mistake? The season is almost over and lots of people are hoping for tokens to change their teams up.

they did say tokens wouldnt always be available.

personally, i like the bonus dna more since i dont have that many benched boosts or creatures i want to change out atm.


Ummmm… the tournaments notes specifically said boosts. Not tokens.

Weren’t boost tokens expected to be available beyond that initial AC drop? When do you think they will be available again if ever?

They were one-time thing to make us shut up about boost reset.
Considering Jam City’s greed, they won’t be available ever again.


We are not getting more tokens. Not now anyway. We’ll get some few and very far between. Either that or we can buy them for 50 dolars a pop. Spend your boosts wisely. Stop chasing after the new dinos every update. Play with and max out what you have and build slowly. Those of us not at the top will never get to the top. Once we accept that, we can enjoy the game again. Play for free. Don’t spend a single dime on anything they offer. Patience can be excruciatingly frustrating, I know. But what do we all really win or achieve by chasing down these “new & improved” creatures when by the time we get there, they are old and useless.


Exactly. I only have the bear at lv26, and it’s already kind of outdated. Nowadays, the newest things only last for two or three updates. No point to spend resources on them.