No Tournament boosts

Please, please Ludia, dont let boost be a thing on Tournaments, its annoying, its unfair and it just beats the point of a Tournament, just let the Torunaments always with creatures and lv 26 and it becames a thing of strategy instead of who has the biggest bank account


I would bet it is one of their biggest money makers though. Every time there’s an advantage tournament you can see how teams have evolved from the beginning of the tournament to the end. Dinos get levelled up and boosted a lot more along the way!

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Skilled Tournaments are actually quite bad. Every bad thing about unboosted PvP will be there. Speed ties, bad RNG(crits, stuns and dodges), bad hand and bugs.

Remove boosts fine. Let the tournament be drfault level and no boosts. At least its fun and you can actually build a team rather than have one given to you by Ludia.

The coming tournament will be a joke. All the same.few creatures with the winner being the fella who has the best luck and most time to play. Skill plays no part in Skill Tournaments since everyone has the same creatures and the winner is who got the luck or who won the speed tie.

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only advantage to those is testing out new creatures. I’m actually excited to play some new critters and figure out a way to beat mammolania. This tournament will potentially reveal how busted it is. And on a lesser extent how the change to CS will affect Indo g2 match ups.


I’ll be running basically all the S class dinos this tournament. Gemini, Moth, Mammolania, Mammotherium, Tryko, IndoG2, Phoursaura and Max. I can’t wait. They’re gonna kick so much tuchas, and I look forward to duking it out with my opponents using similarly powerful teams and figuring out workarounds. Might make me become a better player.

But I mean it worse with boost since it’s the biggest wallet or the biggest whale that determines the winner, at least with skill you have at least a semi chance for things to be equal. As for RNG and speed ties: RNG is basically yes the deciding factor but it’s been in hundreds of other games it just the only way to keep you like kinda on edge hoping. And speed ties we tried but people “supposed” choose to keep it the same which I do believe was the case

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I find Skill Tournaments boring. Click battle, see the lineup lose repeat until you get a good hand then hope the opponent doesnt habe a better hand. There is nothing you can do to make your team better. Battle enough times and you get into the top 50.

Advantage at least offers some room for improvement if you want to do something about your team.

Everyone has the same dinos in different orders and its all a crap shoot who wins. Not my kind of fun.

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What you describe is the very definition of skill.
Everyone given the same set of equipment. No competitive advantage.

Just skill.

How you utilize what you have determines just how good you really are, Skill and brainpower, not what you can buy or cheat with to gain a competitive advantage. (speaking in general terms, as in the former IROC series of racing).

I find skill competitions to be much better measures of competition than not having a level playing field.

There is no skill. If your hand is crap, you lose. Your crit fails, there goes the match.

Everyone has the same tools but not everyone lives next to Ludia. Not everyone has the luck to have good connections to Ludia’s server.

They should call it Luck Tournaments.

Conclusion: Boosts bad, Beaver good

While I do agree that past a certain point, the “skill” portion of the tournament becomes pretty irrelevant, I’ll still take those over boosted tournaments any day. What skill is there in the boosted ones when you face dinos that are either 5 level over yours or boosted to all hell. Not only is there no skill involved, but you have no chance at all on top of it.

New players just have an even harder time. This means that the boosted tournaments are for an even narrower portion of the player base. They are either for the whales/top end players, who already have their regular team set up and can “afford” to lvl random dinos and boost them for tournaments. Or for what I would call “players with favorites” who are players who invest heavily in random dinos just because they like them.

Again, I guess this is personal preference, but I’d rather deal with RNG, knowing I can climb as far as I am willing to push “my luck” rather than say, oh you don’t have a 30 boosted miragaia? I’m sorry but you’ll have to settle for top 1200. Thank you come again next week! I’m exaggerating but you see the point.

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Advantage tournaments shouldn’t even exist, beats the purpose of the arena being called the “Fairgrounds”

I’d take a speed tie over overboosted Miragaias any time

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While I agree with the mirag part. Because that dino is op for a common and garbage. And needs a nerf badly. I don’t agree with advantage tourneys not existing.

Like from my view. I have a lvl 26 carbonemys who does nothing in the main arena because everything is immune and thors maxima and trykos have all maxxed boosts.

I want to use my weird pure dinos and creatures that I work on. It’s so fun to use your dinos that you worked on. Otherwise these dinos are 100% useless to level.

Skill tourneys are literally rng based imo. While it helps the underleveled players which is cool. Dealing with bad draws, that one crit, your missed stun, and speed ties is frustrating.

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Well, I only level creatures up to the level when they can create hybrids, otherwise it’s just wasted DNA, therefore from my point of view, they are pretty much only useful for that (of course in the lower arenas you use them until you create hybrids), I think that carbo at 26 is a real waste and I don’t understand why people do it, only for the tournaments?

Plus, in the advantage tournaments there is just as much RNG as there is in those skill based ones, stuns, crits, dodges and all, so I don’t see any point in having a tournament that is not fair to people who invest the collected DNA into hybrids, which is what the endgame should be about.

I completelly respect it if you want to use pure dinos (sometimes I myself feel that it’s a shame I never even tried some of them), but the majority of people creates hybrids and doesn’t level commons, rares and epics past level 20. And Ludia know this, and they know there are players willing to pay for boosts and DNA to have advantage in these tournaments, so it’s nothing but a cash grab for them and a huge disadvantage to the majority of people who play this game in the “regular” or usual way.

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That is my experience for luck tournaments. “I am sorry you live in Asia, please stay in the top 5000 because our server hates you.” At least advantage tournaments I know what I lack to go higher. Usually time and more boosts. More experience with odd ball creatures too.

Luck Tournament matches end with that was just lucky. Whether a win or loss. Even an 8 year old with basic skill can be top 100 given time and encouragement. I seen a player get his 8 year old to play these luck tournaments and get hundreds of trophies.

Or players who have so much DNA they dunno what to do with them so level them up so as not to waste the DNA and can collect more.

My lvl 30s are all either dinos used for sanc or dinos I have so much DNA for I leveled them for the fun of it.

The only limiting factor is coins. Not hard to amass 300k Irrit G2 DNA over 2 years if you bothered to dart it.

At least with speedties you have a chance of winning, with overboosted dinos, you know you don’t have a chance out of everything you try.

I find it really hard to believe you would be hard-stuck in top 5000 “because server suck in Asia”. If that was the case, advantage tournaments would crap out on you just as much as the “luck” tournaments, but it doesn’t seem to be so?

Also, skill tournaments do rely on “skill”, up until you reach (from my own experience), top 250 where you start facing people who know what dino/abilities are doing and when to use them, then yes, after that point, RNG becomes the most important factor.

A veteran like you should easily be in top 1000 no problem, even when “losing” every speed tie, which aren’t that common to be honest, really depends on how “narrow” the dino pool is for that tournament.

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I live in Singapore, and it’s true. The server does really suck in here, I’m sick of the game freezing when I’m at 800+ trophies and making me lose a match simply because of that. Skill tournaments are really repetitive overtime, for example, the Epic Hybrid Skill Tournament. A example of how repetitive skill tournaments can get, it’s always Rat, Sarco, Indom Gen 2 etc. Advantage tournaments might be P2W, but at least they offer a little bit more freedom, rather than ‘use this creature or lose’ in skill tournaments.

No. It wasn’t for tourneys. I really like Carbonemys. So I leveled it. I already have smilonemys at a comfortable level. I don’t use it. I also have carbotops dna to put the deer to at least lvl 22/23. I won’t use it though.

I used carbonemys in the arena and… Like I said full immunity and maxxed boosts. Why should the majority of creatures in the game be just for new players? You don’t like a big trex? It’s not viable to use in the arena.

A lot of my team dinos are at lvl 30 basically. Why not have some use in all the uneeded dna just piling up and up?

Anyways I level it because I like it. It’s also refreshing to face pure dinos, even ones with boosts. They’re all pretty balanced except a certain common. Not like the trex has a cloak or insta stun crit. It can be distracted or slowed etc.