No Tournament boosts

Boost on tournaments are unfair, if you think its a good thing you either dont care to waste money on them or you hack there is no in between, and even so with boost you either loose to the boost, haave a tie with the enemy or if neither of you boosted the speed to it it a speed tie, its the same problem as the skilled tournaament but with worse negative factors, we need fair and skilled tournaments because we get enough overboosted scumbags every single day

To me, the problem lies with the game being pretty much like a casino. Skill plays a part but there is only so much skill you can have when you have a 2 and a 3 while your.opponent has Blackjack.

For advantage, I can still hold my own because I dun need to react immediately of the opponent pulls the same creature as me. You can think of what to do and plan for scenarios.

Also because everyone has a phobia of Advantage the server is less overloaded. Dun really have as much problems playing Advantage versus “Skill”.

Basically advantage or skill requires some luck yo win, personally I prefer the skill ones because I don’t have lvl 30 dinos and many boosts to spend

The last advantage tourney was frustrating because my team cannot compete with all the boosted creatures because of the bad matchmaking

I don’t say there should be no more advantage but I think it needs a change to help the lower players to grind the trophies

Like in the tourney now you only battle against those who are in the same arena as you, it’d be nice because it limited the unfair battles