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No Trainer Bundles 4 Sale? 😧 (I'm Devastated..😭)

Please, Please Ludia can you put them up for sale… :pray::pray::pray::pray:


I was poised to buy and I know some people want coins and all, but that’s kind of coin overkill.
They could have sold coins for people that need them and also sold FIPS for those that don’t.
Just seemed weird.
Those that need coins generally don’t spend a lot of money on the game anyway.


Totally agree with everything you’ve written down W1ckety…

Yeah… i don’t want that kind of coin sale. i’d rather spend HC on coin and buy trainer bundles with real currency.

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Same here Qiew… (I’m devastated by this.)

We have 5 level 20 sanc ready for fip deals, incl 1 sanc full of Diplo and Mammoth only. And then …no deals??? Hopefully fip deals come tomorrow. If not, I’ll make some serious noice.


@Ned I can assure you that you’ll make good money for fip deals. Please tell the team.


It’s pretty disappointing they haven’t done the bundles for sancs… It was the time I would gladly spend money on the game.

I definitely won’t be spending on coins though.


Actually, it is very difficult for me to understand Ludia’s commercial spirit. He constantly puts incubators up for sale that no one with a pair of neurons would buy (except millionaires). Now put an offer to buy coins. Offers to call it in some way. 60 euros to buy 600,000 coins when almost 2,000,000 are needed to create and evolve a unique !!! I would not pay not 10 euros for it !!! Nobody, buy that !!! in fact I don’t know anyone who ever buys that.
Instead last week he took out a tight offer, I think six euros for a package consisting of an epic aroma and 30 sanctuary interactions. For the first time in time, a good offer that many people bought … but this week they do not repeat the offer … they prefer to take offers that nobody (except millionaires and pathological addicts) will buy. Very hard to understand.


people were asking for coin sales. but honestly this is too many coin sales.

Coin sales with bucks not money lol

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idk why they wouldn’t do coin sales with HC. get’s people buying HC and being just shy of something else so they buy more HC.

Agree, I buy the 10 pack each Sunday. I even bought the extra last Sunday and was able to level up several dino’s with it. Well at least I can save money this week. Too bad for Ludia


Totally agree…

For once, everyone agree on a subject. Except Ludia.

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Yes please bring them back…

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Thanks for the feedback, thomasinho! I’ll be sure to let our team know. :slight_smile:

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Hello Ludia,

Please bring back the Trainer Bundles. All of the choices, please! You already offer coin sales. We want the Trainer Bundles!

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I always buy Trainer Bundle when available.

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