No Treasure chase/chest on map

I mean… I’m not surprised… just disappointed that I won’t be able to collect my 250 coins this weekend


Can confirm I see nothing. A bit disappointing.

Two weekends in a row for me…I complained last weekend and got told it is a lottery…bs. I never see them to even get to play said lottery.

I want the emote. If I can’t even try to get it because ludia can’t run a game properly, then at least let me buy it.

Looks like they are putting the ‘chase’ in ‘Treasure’ Chase

dont. u. dare.
Dont make this emote buyable
just add it to todays and tommorows winter-chases
and add the treasure chases at every incubator

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I dont think it should be buyable…it should be free to everyone now that they have officially screwed up the whole thing…typical of this game lately. My point is that they have a system that gave some ppl a.chance at something and others no chance at all. At least this is a viable complaint about fairness(unlike the para lux complaining that led to daytime spawns)

I’m not surprised at all. :roll_eyes:

are u against para lux daytime spawns?

I was, I had no issue getting 7 of them at night. But its hardly a big deal as they are still rather rare(avail for EVERYONE at least)

I didn’t get any appearing either.

Just did a round trip and didn’t see any. Either it is incredibly rare or it doesn’t exist at all.

I drove 50km to work…its not anywhere.

I also didn’t find one my long commute, but managed all 5 strike towers and darted most event epics…

@ned can you please have the devs look into the spawn rates of the Winter Chase chests?

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I haven’t seen a treasure chase since the week before last now.

I sure won’t be driving for miles to find one either but I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get the emote last week.

It shouldn’t be down to the whereabouts you live that determine whether you get these things or not


@Schtemty I totally agree… and same thing happened to me last week I had none anywhere near me… but I’m sure that according to Ludia… this is exactly how it’s supposed to work :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Nothing is wrong and it’s working as intended… so looks like I miss another 250 coins again :laughing:

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Its not working as it should. I’ve seen them tons of times in the past…just not these last few weekends.

Last week i saw a couple after walking a little on my area. This week…nothing. At least after driving around 30m in different zones on the map.

@Ned @E.D someone…pls

None in Savannah GA.
At least in an 11 mile radius

They better give us a billion premium Incubator for the trouble of this treasure chest situation