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No treasure "chase" today?

Anybody else not have our new awesome treasure chase today?


Yeah!! Where’s my 500 coins at?

I don’t see any chest on the map. This is a big deception . I expected to get my 500 coins :roll_eyes:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I guess Ludia thought giving us 250 coins per weekend was still to much :rofl::rofl::rofl: so they decided to cut it down to 1 attempt per weekend


No sign on my map either


I’ve got the same problem

It’s the “treat” today then, the trick must be 500 coins right?


I want my 500 coins!

Chest boxes. We have said this numerkus times… It says you can get multiple boxes and rewards on coin chase. But you can’t. So the reward pic is incorrect. Also we were told we would get another one today but has not hapened. Please can you stop merging this thread so we can get a new one going with ludia

Let’s hope they are working on fixing the chase… as we all know it is just a broken feature, which they somehow covered with the words… it’s working as intended

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