No treasure chests around?


Hi peeps, I’m writing because I’ve been walking all day and I checked the entirety of the town I’m currently living in and I couldn’t find a single treasure chest. Did this happen to anybody else? Is it normal for small towns or is it a bug? How easy was for you guys to find your chests? And mainly, what happens if I don’t find the chest in the time limit? Is the next one still going to spawn or am I officially screwed? Anyway, thanks in advance and best of luck to you all with the treasure hunting!!


I got one and all of them dissapeared. Just to note… I was already at my coin cap as well


Are you sure you didn’t open even a single chest?

With the revised rules, I think one can open only 1 chest / 6hr time slot. After 6 hrs, new chests would emerge at different locations. You can collect only 1 chest in the new slot (irrespective of whether you collected the chest in previous slot : need to confirm this as per new rules).

This time the chests were not that common and I could see only 1 in my view range (360m) compared to 2-3 chests in viewing range. Also, if you don’t collect/see chests for 1 slot, you should be able to collect the next one and hopefully this time, one would spawn in your range.


Didn’t open a single one because I couldn’t find a single one! But it makes sense if chests are now spawning in lower rates, because on the previous event I could see two in the town so it makes sense that now I couldn’t find one. I guess it’s the curse of small towns, same with special supply drops :frowning: Anyway, thanks for the info!


Rofl, I’m guessing the first shift is over and the new one just started, because a chest just appeared a minute ago! :smile:


Something similar happened to me… when I opened my game today I could see few chests on the map, I managed to open 1 but the second one it just wouldn’t open, shortly after that I have no chest left anywhere on the map, I though the event was finish but then another player showed me on his map the chest were there and event was not finish, completely unfair, I needed those coins…


More just popped up for me too. Got my 2nd of the day


Sounds like someone needs to do a little work on the chest spawn rates… [squints at Ludia]


I live in a small town too. One chest.


Maybe this is the problem. The supply drops were converted in treasure chest in this event, so you need to go where supply drops usually are, to see if any of this are treasures for the period of the event.