No treasure chests


I got the msg saying I had 22 hours of treasure chests but none are showing up anywhere on the map even at a distance anyone else having this problem ?


How is this a problem? You’re just not at a place, where there’s any treaure chests. Simple.


No, there are none


Yes, there is.


I have some in my area, about 4, so they are around, just for some they appear to be nowhere. This game has a habbit of not being consistent for all areas.


I usually get around 3 places near me that can spawn chests and none are showing also I should be able to see the ones that are at the edges of the map that I can travel to and none are showing at all so that’s why I assume this is an issue but that’s why I asked if anyone else was having this problem to tell if it is a fault or not but thanks for you’re reply it was super helpful


I’ve travelled 4 miles and seen none :rofl:


I can see one from my house. They’re around, I guess we just have to hunt for them.


Damm probably taking the dog a big walk later then. at least it’s not Scotland and raining …oh crap!


Checked area around. Don’t see any treasure. Am in East Coast, USA.
Either they made it really difficult to find one since it’s supposed to be a treasure or again another issue.


Drove around 12 miles just now, no treasure chests around. Odd.

Edit to Add: I’m on the West Coast. Drove around between 7am to 9am PDT and then again at 10am PDT.


Im feeling better now it seems like a possible problem rather than me just being stupid


This is happening
Me and my team play alot in the city but today half of us see the chest and the others like me see nothing
So yeah that’s why some peopple see the chest and others don’t


Thanks 101010


Now we need to get ludia attention to this issue…


I sent a request about it around 15:30 gmt I’ve still heard nothing back


I’ve driven through 2 cities so far and haven’t seen one yet


The same here in Russia. No chest the first 6h period and the second one.


I have now traveled more than 60 miles through 3 cities and haven’t seen a single chest. I’m usually not one of those people who says we need compensation for their errors, but if some people are able to collect chests today and others aren’t, I definitely want to be compensated for the error. Especially since their new ways of giving us extra coins are being blocked one way or another with this massive coin problem they’ve created in this game. Take the stupid birds away, but give me my coins.


I hope they either fix it or give us a little something something as an apology cos I struggle for coin as it is without missing out on this but I asked to speak to someone six hours ago and still haven’t had a reply about it so I’m not holding my breath