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No Trykosaurus Are Spawning

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Bug Description: During January 31st, no Trykosaurus have spawned under event locations.

Area is was found in: Event locations.

What type of device are you using: Galaxy Note 9

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Several of my alliance members are experiencing the same. They cannot find any Trykosaurus during this event.

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I see one out of my range.

I have traveled all over Staten Island yet I only see Thors spawning.

Literally 2 minutes from my place, saw maybe 3 more out of range.

The trick is to find parks (even though I didn’t use one myself) as they have the best green drop distribution

Not a single green drop on the horizon.

Pretty bad fron Ludia…


I believe it’s a bug. My Thora is maxed out at level 30 while my Tryko only 27. I can only see Thora event spawns, while the confirmed Tryko event spawns locations are all empty. I know those empty green event spawns are Trykos as my fellow alliance members staying near me got it from there. Also when I tried darting the viewable Thora, it just loads 3/4 ways and the game hangs!
I should not be able to see Thora spawns, but should see Trykos not the other way around.

Travelled a bit (within my country’s lockdown restrictions).
Found 4 Thors, but not 1 Tryko.

I drove around for 10 miles, and could not find a single green stop for tryko or thor

While I darted my thor because tryko was maxed, there were so few green drops. It took a bit to find some. Heck, there were none at one of my parks