No unique attempt on the map!

Ok there are no unique attempts on my map… anyone else having the same problem? @Ned @E.D @Sara @Keith

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Nothing here either…

Maybe it will show up, we just need to wait…

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Yeah same here just loads of empty drops

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It’s going to be like Paramoloch isn’t it? Where it comes out later. That’s really dumb. Just let us dart it now

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Also there is only 1 epic incubator strike tower.

The other one will come out tonight 10pm est

Smh… not sure what their doing… oh Ludia :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I seem to be saying that a lot these days. Ludia just isn’t that great with their decisions lately


both epic strikes are out. i could get them both from home. no tenotorex though. guessing they took it away again, but this time didn’t bother telling us.

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It has happened.


They are both out there. But you will have to search. Just found 1 after more than 50 master strike towers.

Unless I just happen to have gotten really unlucky in terms of placement, Tenontorex doesn’t seem to be spawning.

Wait for it, it will eventually spawn don’t worry. People said the same for Para and it spawned after some time.

Yeah I’m not seeing it at all either… getting kind of frustrating.

I love how they say get out and get it while you can before it’s gone… yet it’s nowhere to be found.

Same thing happened with Paramoloch earlier in the week.

Should tell people to get it when it’s actually available…

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There are none anywhere I can see, probably not spawning yet like para…It will spawn around you in a few hours when the drops change around, don’t worry about that. What I don’t understand is why can’t they just make it spawn when the game sayse it’s spawning…

Because it’s Ludia


Seriously, It happened with the epic incubator yesterday too. I’m not angry, I just wasn’t expecting to see this thats all.

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Same as paramoloch, pretty sure ludia forgot to put it on the map.

Tenontorex is out now! It just popped up

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I haven’t seen one yet either. :frowning: