No update available, can't start game without update

I’ve found two other old topics about this, but one of them just degenerated into hundreds and hundreds of off-topic posts, while the other ended very quickly with some ABSOLUTE JERK just going “Oh hey, I figured it out, but I’m not going to bother mentioning my solution here for anyone else to find if they have the same problem in the future, LOL!”

Game won’t start because I need to update. Apple Store says, there’s no update. Other people in my Alliance have access to the update, so it clearly EXISTS. Please tell me how to fix this…

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Just wait for the update to drop for you, simple as that.

yup having that to, as well as 2 of my other alliance members

Btw, I got mine by going to the app store, going to JWA and it says open, so no update. I pressed open, it launched the game which told me there’s an update, I then got it that way.

If i go direct to the google play store it doesn’t show there’s an update yet.

Glad it’s just not me. I thought I was going nuts!

I go to the game hit “go to the app store” and theres no update

Probably not pushed to your store yet then.

I also deleted the game thinking that might let me access the update in the App Store. Now I have no game on my phone and no update in the App Store!!!

Ok i was told delete the game and redownload it, if any of y’all want to try let me know the result. also make sue you are connected to Facebook, playcenter, etc

You need to wait for the update. I have same problem about 5 minutes ago (IPhone shows open, but no update) but now the update showed up, and it works.

Yeah, I don’t buy any of those ‘delete or clear stuff’ solutions… the Apple Store clearly shows that it HASN’T been updated, and also that there ISN’T an update available. It MUST be on their end. But why the heck does it take more than HALF AN HOUR to roll out an update? Loads of people already have it!

I am experiencing the same thing, it just sends around in a loop, open JWA, says there is an update, go to app store, no update, open app, repeat above scenario.

Yea thats what makes me mad is others have it but why do we have this!

I have been told that deleting it and restarting resets it but I don’t want to be out of a account

should now be available

FINALLY! How the heck is there a difference of more than an hour between when one group of iPhone-users get it and when another group does? Do they deliver the update to individual users one-by-one via Pony Express or something?

I’m still in limbo. No option to update in App Store.