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No update for iOS

Anyone knows when update will come to iOS users???

It already did. Hours ago. You not seeing it?

Did you update your iPhone to iOS 13.1.3?

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I have 13.1.2

Go to the App icon. Then tap your profile picture which should be in the top right corner. Scroll down a bit and you should see the updates. Push the list down to refresh.

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Yeah, i know how to update iOS, it just never got triggered since it required wi-fi connection. I wish devs, also notified us of system requirements for the update. Anyways, i got update installed but i do not see where we can get trust points for new toothless, do you know?

I see it has not started yet.

Yeah, new Toothless not out yet. But at least you can see the cool Halloween theme.

Edit: Just to be clear, iOS 13.1.3 is not a requirement for Titan Uprising. I am running iOS 13.1.2 and Titan Uprising works fine.

The link in my comment was to a site that explains the changes that Apple made to the App Store in iOS 13. Specifically, the ‘Update’ button was moved.

Sorry if my initial comments were confusing.

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Any compensation for the ios players who had to wait?

Have you read the patch notes? We did not miss a thing. To be honest, the later you update the better it is.
So no compensation this time :wink:

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Hahahaha I just want them runes!

It seems very, very unlikely that users will need to update the firmware of their phones to meet the requirements of a game update. For something like that it would usually mean a complete rehaul of the game itself, or a rather sizeable update. As in, some major changes that put more demand than initially required on systems meeting the minimum requirements.

Which is why console/PC games only shift their minimum requirements when those previously stated reasons occur. Or big expansions/DLCs are released. Those usually have their own specified minimum requirements.

If, in the rare happenstance, that did occur, you can be certain it would be mentioned. Er…at least, I would most certainly hope so. It’s a pretty big deal to have to change those from the initial consensus. It’s not something done willy nilly.