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No update or am I impatient?

Its friday…8 am and no one came back today?

As far as I can tell they bring people back on Tuesdays & Thursdays but I can’t confirm that. I do know someone came back yesterday though.

Its usually tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday.

Its gone down to two convos at a time now so maybe its gone down to only two updates a week?

Fei came back yesterday but shes stuck in the “see who likes you” VIP loop on mine.

Looks like we’re getting one today still :rofl::sweat_smile: The notification went out at least.

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Yup! Its Zayn! I guess they are releasing later in the day now!

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I’m happy with Fei but I miss Jasmin so much :cry:

Is Fei the counterpart of someone?

Maybe she’ll get one later but right now she doesnt

I wonder if this means we’ll see Fei again tomorrow. :thinking:

Hopefully we will see more original characters before another counterpart. Gotta be taxing on the brain giving a bunch of different stories original plots and “voices” at one time though.

Also makes me wonder if that got channeled into Fei. She’s so delightfully spastic.

I want male counterparts to the ladies.

It seems all the male releases get female counterparts right away.

Vitoria/sage did. Im hoping for more.

A male counterpart for Felicia. :heart_eyes:

Que Bond Music

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I’d like to see more matches get opposite gender counterparts. That way, the people who choose to match with only males or females can experience more stories. I would love to see a female counterpart to the chefs


I’d like a female counterpart to Austin/Damien, Skylar/Jaden, Charlie/Zayn/Jake, Albert/Jonathan


I hope when they release Joao Becker, they give him a female counterpart. A sexy female firefighter would be hot. As hot as fire! :fire: :smirk: :smiling_imp:

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When they release Chase, I hope there’s a female counterpart and the inevitable handcuffs to the bed sex scene :wink::fire:

I second that. :rofl: Give us hot fire fighters! The pun potential is off the charts.

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Hmmm, could it be Skye? :thinking:
Oh, and just imagine Kevin Legros as a counterpart of Rose/Dahlia :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think Skye is more of an equal to Albert/Jonathan, I see Patrick as a counterpart to Rose/Dahlia

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I agree with you on Skye though I still hope they’ll get their own story. As for Rose/Dahlia, it doesn’t seem possible to have a male counterpart there since he’ll have to be pregnant and give birth to a child?