No video available

Hi all, my son and I have been playing this for a few months now and everything was fine until last week. For some reason he no longer gets the video option for speed ups, that includes trying to watch a video for free runes. Neither option has worked in over a week now. Anyone got any idea’s? No settings have been changed on his tablet.

Hey jsmanclark, our support team would be happy to take a look to see why that would be. Could you reach out to our team here at with the support key from your game? Thanks!

I’ve also been having the same problem and so do a lot of other people

I have the same problem. I am based on the UK and there are NEVER any rune based videos available, and very rarely is one available for speedups.

However, I am currently on holiday in the Canary Islands and the videos seem to be freely available when playing here!!!

Any other UK players having same problem?

strange thing is, i have the game on my laptop and videos are always available. They just seem to have stopped on my sons tablet even though nothing has been changed on it.

I, and one of my friends that plays, also have the same issue… it is very hard (takes many tries) to get a video for speed-up.

I’m not sure it’s even Ludia’s fault; it may be the fault of whatever ad provider they use. It does seem to be wide-spread though.

Same issue. Just keep trying until one loads.

I still have the same problem and when they do load they just sit there doing nothing. I left one running for 30 minutes one time just to see how long it would take and it still hadn’t finished.

**ihave that problem as well