No VIP access (regular players) URGENT


Hello Ludia, this is not a hater topic !
Last week I just lost my credit card and my VIP access was ended when Indoraptor was realised, wasn’t a real problem (my fault), but until today I just realised as a regular player this game seems like a Demo and everyone need that VIP access to have a regular experience game play (for real you need to try regular access). In Pokemon Go, I have never felt that I need a VIP access someone could use perfume to pull Pokemon and everyone near that place can enjoy! You just realised a new game (a good one) and put some restrictions, limited time to collect DNA, scope of action restricted I can understand but 30 meter to have a full time (but restricted) to collect DNA, that’s a shame!
I think this game is not gonna go far especially for regular player, every time they’re confront to a wall and only VIP player will stay! It will be like Pokemon Go, a lots of players at the beginning of the game and now everyone has forget it!
You really need to review the aspect of the game play, I have supported you in Jurassic World : THE GAME, and I don’t wanna loose that pleasure that I felt in this game! Thank you!


YAlso since I’m not VIP, I seen 7 times epic Hybrids in wild :man_shrugging:


Dude, I played for a good month before I became ViP, and never once thought it was a “demo”. You can still play the game as normal, there’s just noticable differences, mostly with prizes, battery life, and range. Other than that, you still have the same amount of chances to find the same dinos everyone else is after, as well as Incubator rewards. And here’s something: even with ViP, I still do poorly collecting dino dna (either the dino moves too much, target’s too small, dino’s too fast…I’m playing in the car and the roads are hell). There’s a reason things are the way they are. The area you live also only grants you so many dinos, and the time of day (and possibly weather) affects that too. This game is still new, so give it some time.


It’s alright without VIP, no big difference for high rarity dinosaurs. As VIP you got 33% more battery, but the heavy ones run away before you could even make use of that. Like Indoraptor and most Epics.