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No vowels? Strange (Creature file #41)

It’s time to take a look at a new creature for my next creature file. We’re gonna be taking a look at a… Zby? That’s a strange name. Oh well, at least it needs more attention.

Rarity: Common

Health: 5670

Damage: 1110

Speed: 106

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Pinning Strike

Decelerating Rampage

Possible hybrid: Arcby, Fuse with Arctops and Zby

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4800

Damage: 1200

Speed: 113

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%



Revenge Distracting Strike

Lockdown Impact

Decelerating Rampage

  • The name, Zby, was name after Georges Zbyszweski.

  • Zby was a type of sauropod called eusauropod.

Stay tuned as we take a look at a terrible baboon for the next creature file.


Cool. Never heard of this one before.

Neither do I

I have to admit, arcby is too OP. You have distraction and revenge distracting strike to reduce your opponent’s DMG to 0 and you can just keep cycling with LI and DR. Personally, I would drop the HP to 4800, reduce the SPD to 113, and reduce the DMG to 1200. The moveset is ok if we’re going to tweak the stats.

Still a better name than X Æ A-12. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll change it



Correct me if I’m wrong, but would that be Elon’s son, I remember seeing that on a news article.

@Apple As for the dino, not bad. Though, the health should be higher, considering it is sauropod, and damage a tad lower. Does 6000 HP and 1050 or 1100 do the trick? And since it has a decel move, 108-110 speed maybe?

Well, it does fit as a sauropod so yeah. I think nothing change

Ths dn s wrd hvng n vwls

This dino is weird having no vowels

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Confused* what?

Its This dino is weird having no vowels with no vowels

Oh yeah. This dinosaur does not have a vowel at all

LIAR! The letter Y is obviously the vowel. The English language did say “sometimes Y” - YOU CAN’T FOOL ME DEMON! XD

What did you just call me?


No vowels huh?

Laughs in ufsilon y og ufsilon ý

Interesting Dino though, never heard of it before now. Thanks for sharing!

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Anytime. I’m gonna try to find more creatures that needs a lot of attention

How about veterupristisaurus, the acro from the Jurassic?

Or Vallibonavenatrix, a super newly discovered spinosaur from Spain?

I don’t do request, but sure. I’ll add those two

Nid ydych yn ffwl.

Just thought some Welsh would put things in perspective. :wink: