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No way to access JW Alive - possible Family Link issue


Hi, My son hgas JW Alive (v1.5.23) on his Android phone (Moto G6, running 8.1.0). Since yesterday, when he tries to login he gets a message saying “A new version of Jurassic World Live is available and required to play 10058” and cannot access the game. If we click through to Google Play to update there is no option to download the update. Instead, tt says “Parental controls restrict downloading of this item”.
My son has Google Family Link installed but this usually just requires a parent to give password approval to download an app: this was the case when he first installed JW Alive. However, this option is no longer available. Furthermore, JW Alive is no longer showing on either Google Play Android as one of his installed apps (despite still being on his phone) or even on Google Play itself when searched. I have turned of auto-update as suggested by some user forums, shut down everything and restarted but with no success. Thanks in advance.


Make sure he has linked the game to Google and/or Facebook. Delete the app and reinstall. I had a similar problem back around the 1.4 update and this fixed it.


Thanks. The game is linked to his Google account. If he deletes it, will it retain his progress/animals?


Copy your support key before deleting anything.


Hey CofusedDino, if your game was linked to the Google Play store, you should be able to reaccess it by logging into your Google Play account once you reinstall the game. However, we also recommend you save or write down your current support key if possible, just in case.


Thanks for all the help. How do we copy the support key? When we start up the game on his phone, it goes straight to the message 'A new version…"


Sadly your support key can only be found on the loading screen or the in-game Player Profile menu. However, our support team would be happy to try and assist you with this if you contacted them here at If your son remembers his gamer ID and name, it’ll be really helpful to include that in the email as well.

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Thanks Ned. I will email with the details in a moment. Thanks again to everyone on the forum. Fingers crossed we get the supoort key info and can reinstall.


Hope it helps.


Hi everyone. We have identified the problem. The rating on the game seems to have changed from 12 to 16, which was above his setting on Parental Controls on Family Link. I have now adjusted this and the game is now available to reinstall. Thanks again for everyone’s help and advice.


Fantastic. Glad you got it resolved.

I wonder why it has changed to 16?