No Way To Strike


I am a semi rural player confined to a small area due to being a handicap and mom. I rely a lot on my 200m radius to help me barely get in range of dinos in order to catch them. This means I am relying on half the full time to catch them. Before the update there were several event dino drop offs in the wooded trail by my house. Its close enough to have 3 of the spawns 100m from me to catch some dinos to keep with the event, and its also within walking distance for me to replenish darts when I can. This is by far the issue, but I am outlining the amount of effort it would take me to play this game.

To add onto the ruralness, it would nice to participate in the strike event but, uh… yeah. Where? When the update came not only did it get rid of closer supply drops for event dinos and such that I could reach, but those drops were at least on a path in the woods. The only 3 left are farther. And WAY off path. I cannot bushwack my way to them. I don’tthink anyone can really.
And then of course the worst one that is 1. Farthest, 2. In woods off path, and 3. Basically in someone’s backyard is my only strike zone. And then I hear there are timers made to make you move around to the next one to progress? Where? I can’t even get to the first strike location now. I flagged the bad drop offs but nothing has changed and I’m worried that they wont be replaced and there will be none by me at all. I miss the three on the trail I could actually walk to on my own.


And now theres no strike places at all on my map even beyond my 200m radius. Not even near the freeway on my map. :confused:


There’s an issue they didn’t foresee with them, they’ve removed them for the moment but they’ll probably be back pretty quickly.


Ah, I see. Thanks for letting me know that. I hope they fix the drop points I also mentioned. It’d be great to be able to walk to a drop off point again than spend bucks to get darts.


strike is currently back live now, so go check and see :blush:


So they’re back, but not in the same places? Originally there were 3 on my screen. There’s one quite far out in a field now, whereas before it was much nearer the road (and thus more accessible). Still looking forward to playing, just kind of a faff.


Mine is even further now in the town off the highway. No way can I walk that far… and it’s only the 1. So… yeah it’s even worse for me now. GG…


I got pretty luck with my house out in the rural country side.


Not so much with my house in town. They just removed two drop stops that where within range. But I guess you lose some and you win some.


I have one, but it is a pity that it is in the military area. :disappointed:


Oh crap, that sucks even worse, Dzikus.


Guys use the in game flag feature to get it moved when you click on a drop click the flag in the top right and give info so they know why to move it.

Not sure how long it takes to relocate a stop but you have good reason to move them.


I’ve reported the site before last week. No change. The update removed the only reachable event drop points for some bloomin’ reason. Dunno bout that dude with the military base one.


Have you tried to report that stop? They might move it if you do.


I have. Site is still there. Been over a week as Ive reported it soon as we could report bad drops. They removed the actual ones that ppl could reach from the nature trail on the update…