No weekly calendar of events this week.?

I dont know what happened to the weekly calendar this week but so far it has not appeared at all in the section where it normally is and considering the week is almost over either something went wrong and they totally forgot to include it in this weeks upload of new details etc for the game or the dinosaurs got tired of waiting on it to be uploaded and decided to eat the techy’s responsible for producing the weekly calendars being posted having run out of patience waiting on it to finally be posted. lol
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

it must be a case of * oops * we forgot that …sorry lol

I’m sorry about that, JoeVolcano27. At the moment, the schedule is available on our Twitter and Facebook page here:

Or one could post a picture of it this way :smirk:


No wonder my calendar was not matching up with my map.

And what happened to Blue? :disappointed_relieved:

I just noticed something.

This is from the Twitter page

Proceratomimus is not on it. :thinking:

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I was JUST going to say that, and Blue is missing from both…

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Now wait… THIS is also from Twitter:

Hey QueenRexy, there were some changes made to the event calendar. However, the one posted now should be the correct one.

Ooof, just noticed the updated one - well I’m glad I’m no longer tempted to go out and dart anything this weekend! :upside_down_face:

Thank you Ned. Is Proceratomimus scheduled for Sunday? Or is it just the two epics (Baryonyx and Concavenator)?

I believe it’s just Bary and Concavenator at the moment. :sweat_smile:

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Guess that saves me from going out. Have plenty of both for awhile.