No weekly Dinos this week?


At 8am local time, all of the special drops around me turned into regular supply drops. I wonder if we aren’t getting the daily Dinos this week.


I’ve noticed there’s been some down time in between each new weekly dino this last week. I bet a fresh batch will be up in under an hour.

Seen almost exclusively positive feedback for weekly Dinos and I think Lydia would be silly to discontinue it entirely.


I hope you are correct. This is the first time I’ve seen the special drops turn back into regular supply drops. That’s why I thought we might not get them this week. I love the weekly Dinos aspect of the game.


I could really do with either kaprosuchus or postasuchas.

They are the rarest Dino’s in the game for me.


This happens literally every dino change. Used to happen daily. Now just happens every change between rarities (commons, rates, epics, etc). You just never are on at this time apparently