No weekly event calendar?

Today is the 17th and no calendar for this week?

Hey Slimeworms, our Twitter page here has the schedule for this week:

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Please post calendar here in Forum as well. I’m on the Facebook page but don’t always see the calendar in my posts and don’t really want to have to start adopting another social media just to see something that could easily keep getting posted here.

I’ll just post this here for people to reference, but it really would be nice for the moderators to keep posting the calendar in the forums too…


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Thank you for stepping in for us! We apologize for the delay, things have been a little crazy around. We won’t forget next time, promise!


How dare you miss one week lol

:see_no_evil: please forgive us!

Yes, please Continue to post the calendar here. I do not tweet books or faces. :wink: