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No Weekly Missions After Update

I originally thought this was an issue for everyone, but others I’ve talked to outside my alliance have told me their weekly missions are fine. Everyone in my alliance says they didn’t get to claim incs from last week, and we see nothing for this week. Is anyone else affected by this?

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That’s an internet connection issue.

It’s all of us, and I’ve restarted the game a ton of times throughout the day :frowning:

Hmm. To be sure, I suppose it’s best to wait for the mods to reply.

My alliance is the same no one can get alliance rewards they just aren’t there and no new ones. iOS users also can’t accept or send raid requests either.

Yeah, we’ve noticed same. I think some iOS can send, but can’t see or accept ones sent to them.

@Ned @J.C do you know if Ludia is looking into this?

Ya same I think 1 iOS users was able to send and receive but they were overseas somewhere everyone in the US at least is having issues.

I’m honestly loving the idea of the raids, and once you get one going they’re pretty fun, strategizing with teammates etc. But definitely some kinks to work out.

Ya I’ve seen videos I wanted to do it first thing after maintenance but between that not working and alliance missions not appearing today was boring as hell :joy:.

Still no alliance missions - have emailed support

@Veilo, our team has been notified.

Thank you, everyone, for reporting this!

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@Ned Any word on this? Really missing the alliance missions (not to mention all the coins and HC) :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey PQC, our team is still looking for a fix on this issue. :sweat:


Thanks, I came here to say the same thing. I’m LOVING the update but the missing weeklies are really frustrating.

Ludia support still has NOT fiully resolved the issue!!!

My reply on my support email:

"Today, 7/27/2020 I finally received the 7/20/2020 battle and defense alliance mission rewards, BUT

I did NOT receive:

A) two last level 10 defense task award of defense training and creature training

B) I did NOT receive the 7/27/2020 level 10 battle alliance mission award (see the “0 days 0 hours” in red on the attached screenshots) nor

C) the 7/27/2020 defense alliance mission award as they stop at only rank 1!

My support key is #########

Please give me the complete awards due and additional compensation for the continued inconvenience of the buggy app regarding this continuing 2.0 issue.

Thank you"