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No where to run to baby! πŸ˜‚


He did some damage. my dio pinned him with last move. i brought in spino and did lethal wound and tryko one shotted him. then i just sat there and laughed at him lol.


My dio pinned two draco gen 2 today for the win. :grinning:

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omg so funny haha, just happened to me…


well he pinned himself. he swapped him in earlier to take out my thor so i knew he was there. then when he thought he would kill me again i swapped in giga lol.

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Lol what trophy level are you? That might have been me.

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Haha just checked my recent opponents and sure enough you are in there. Small world lol


sorry bro lol. whats you ign?


Hah sent you a friend request. I’m sure you saw how long it took me to pick my move. The gears were spinning but I was locked in

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