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No win trophies


I just won a battle and it gave me an incubator and 41 trophies to go to 4300…but in the next screen i was again to 4259…is anything a can do


Hey Panos.fara, try rebooting your game and see if your trophy count refreshes. If you think that your trophies disappeared after winning a battle, our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account and see what the problem could be. Our support team can be reached at, and if you could also include your support key as well, it’ll be really helpful.

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It happens sometimes the number you see in the reward screen is wrong.
I’m not saying it’s the case here but it could be. It happen to me all the time “oh look I have 5800 trophies but I thought I lost last game” 10 seconds later “Ah OK it was 5680 in fact” :joy:

If you are ranked you can check the trophy count you have in the leaderboard to check if there is a difference. If yes you can try to restart your game, but if not and even a restart don’t do anything you should contact support with every info you have for this match (time, opponent)