No wonder I can’t get past badlands

How is this a fair match

Seen worse, you got pretty close!

That match, although unlikely to really win it, isn’t exactly unfair in relation to matchmaking.

I noticed when you used Indom to attack Pyro you chose to use the 1.5x attack instead of 2x attack. Had you used 2x it would have been dead in one hit.

As for the opponent using Purutaurus at the end, I love swapping in Puru or Carnot, even though it has no swap-in capability I often find times I can swap in right at the end for the counter to kill the opponent. Love it!

But yeah that match wasn’t particularly bad, as @Tielenaar said you came close.

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I didn’t choose the strike, there is a bug that makes me do the smallest attack any of my creatures have, I also didn’t choose to swap in T. rex, that also happened automatically

Erm sorry but watch the video again. Pyro comes out, whilst you are checking Pyro stats then your own stats the timer got down to 0. You didn’t pick your attack so it went with basic attack. Probably same reason why you got TRex picked.

However, having said that, there clearly was an issue because there was a lot of pausing and lack of timer etc.

Out of interest is that why you were saying it was an unfair match?