No wonder i can't advance

There’s no way i will EVER advance permanently past badlands. I keep getting opponents who are level 12, 13, 14…with dinos that vastly outpower my team.

I have a good team, and i have half of it that can be evolved…IF I could get the gold to do it. but you don’t get much gold losing 8 out of 10 battles, and only getting one kill most of the time. I can’t go to level 11 until i get that gold to evolve. And, i can’t buy stuff in game, due to being … well… poor.

And it goes from bad to worse after tournaments, of course.

I have said this i dunno how many times…and many others have as well…they need to make the battle arena competitive. but, seeing as how most tournament players are pay to win, they just won’t fix the problems with us free players.

Also, i know there’s a 75 percent chance this post will never make it to the forums, as often, when i rant, it gets removed before it ever makes it to the public eye.

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And that is why you need to find something else within the game to motivate you. I want to collect all the non-hybrids and by focusing on that I just have Brachiosaurus left. Pick something like a specific hybrid you want and focus on acquiring that. There are ways to play that don’t involve the Arenas.