No! Wrong button!

I am catching Allosaurus to create the Allosinosaurus. And just now I had gotten enough for a fuse, I clicked on Sinocerstops, and I accidently evolved it to level 16!! Agh!!!

That is one of my biggest fears in this game.


And I had 485 Sinocerstops remaining so I had enough to create it once I had enough Allo’s.

Ugh, that hurts.

nightmare itself.

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Not as bad as wat you went thru, but I accidentally touched n bought a rare incubator(stunning creatures) for 900bucks, n to make it worse, the fierce creatures incubator just went online, which is what i wanted!
Oh well at least got 98 dracorex dna :disappointed_relieved:

Did that the other day. Wanted to work on leveling Dimodactylus but was having trouble finding it in my list. Clicked on the Dimorphodon so I could find it easily and clicked on the Evolve button instead of the Dimodactylus. Fortunately, in my area Dimporhodon’s are more than plenty so it was an easily recoverable error.

Oh this is a thread of nightmares :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Sino!! Wow I feel gutted for you.

Sorry friend.


I’ve done this at least twice - so I definitely feel your pain! Each time I was attempting to scroll down to view a particular creature’s moves and accidentally activated the evolve button. Sent something to Ludia requesting a confirmation button, but not sure if that will ever make it into the game.


I wish I could say my level 18 Ouranosaurus was from accidentally tapping the button, but unfortunately it was just bad decisions. I don’t know what I was thinking back then.

This happening makes being low on coins a good thing. I’ve done it once and feel your pain! Sorry to hear…

This is why I always pause for a moment before scrolling down on a dino’s info page. I also “grab” the page by the dino’s name, meaning my finger isn’t near the evolve button.

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I’m always worried about this happening… Nightmare. I usually click on the dino with the least amount of DNA (not ready for leveling up) just to avoid this.

I feel your pain, I di the same thing, except it was with the Allo, not sino. Bye 40k coins. :frowning:

already sent Ludia an email regarding this issue.

we need an undo button available for 2 minutes after evolving just to avoid wasting coins and DNA.

last day having enough to obtain and level Ankytrosaurus to level 17 and maybe 18 I evolved Epic Ankylosaurus to 16.

so Ludia, do something


Call me cynical, but I doubt they will. The way I see it is they’re hoping that after making a mistake like that, players will be desperate to regain the DNA and coins and so are more likely to consider purchasing premium incubators.

I’d say you have a very long wait for an undo button despite the community’s overwhelming desire for one.

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Agree. I think it’s deliberately placed so you risk hitting it scrolling down.

That’s why I have a level 16 velociraptor. So might as well skip indominus rex and go straight for indoraptor?

I don’t know. Collecting the velociraptor DNA without leveling up while thinking about it.

It’s not a waste since you need I-rex for Indo.

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The truth is, they will never give us a way to reverse a mistake, even for a reduced return on dna. It doesn’t make them money to give something back. The problem is their shortsightedness is only going to be their undoing. Yes, they are making money now, but it isn’t sustainable. The player base keeps shrinking. So the revenue will start shrinking. Even the most dedicated paying player will stop paying when the player base shrinks to a critical level.

Unfortunately, I can’t see this game lasting another year. I love this game and have spent a pretty penny, but you can only spend money on a dying product for so long.