Noah started over?

I was at the point of conversation with Noah where he was at the midpoint and now it’s started completely over??
The pictures are still unlocked but the actual chat started over from the beginning after disappearing for a bit. Any ideas what happened??

Hey Soleil, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your conversation. Could you please check your app store and make sure that the game has been updated to version 1.3.25?

If you’re still having issues after updating your game, please do not hesitate to email our team here at with your support key. Thanks!

Still having the issue, in fact it let me match with Noah’s counterpart (Antoine) and then when I went to unmatch (because it wouldn’t let me do anything) it ended up unmatching both guys. Noah hasn’t come through my match feed yet.

Hey Soleil, if you haven’t already, could you reach out to our team so they can take a closer look at this?