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Nobody tired about common Miragaia eating your epics alive?


Why is that common dino so powerful ?
I’m tired to see this one.
At a level where your dinos are about level 14-16 epics, a lvl 19 Miragaia just eat them alive.
No team behind or smart plays behind, just this one is enough to turn down 2 dinos from your team and a bit of a third one where there are 3 dinos behind it.
I don’t see the point doing this but everyone does apparently.
This is non sense to me in a game where you are searching for the rarity and the diversity of your team.

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I think we’re all just jaded at this point and have just become used to it all. (Looking at you, DracoceraRat😁)

Besides, Mirangaia has been around for awhile, most players have already been through the “what the heck is this?” Mirangaia situation a few months back.

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This game is structured so that there’s a few “blocks” along the way (or “walls”, depending on your perspective). At low levels, Miragaia is good. At high levels, Miragaia is nowhere to be seen (when Miragaia entered the game, I was already almost on Aviary and never bothered to level her up at all). Other dinosaurs work the same way. We’ve been all through the “I must have Stegodeus and Tragodistys” phase, and before that one, oh, lo’, how fancy is to have a T-Rex, and so on.

Some times this game is unnerving. It’s a labor of love, and requires a ton of patience.


my 25 Tryostronyx laughs about this


My level 30 tryostronix does an eyeroll about this


Have you heard about those wonderful dinosaurs called “Irritator” and “Baryonyx”

You should probably try either Gen of the two. It works wonders against Miragaia.


Just bleed it.
Edit: I know it has Regen, but you can just wait for that to be used up and bleed it out during the cool down.

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Spinosaurus is especially good for this.
You can go Exploit Wound, Strike, Gashing Wound. Or Exploit Wound into Gashing Wound, depending what it does.

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Just DSR it, but try and go for “ready to crush” or “evasive stance” before it (depending on the creature you’re using)

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Miragaia doesn’t really exist in Sorna or higher from what I’ve seen

Tryo, Bary bois, and Irritator vaporize them whenever they appear

My opinion is park it at lvl 15 and wait for its hybrid, but I’m sure it’s viable in the low arena since it’s talked about pretty often


All this talk about Miragina has me curious about why it’s so OP at certain levels. I say probably just NERF it to be on the safe side :+1:




I can usually it with a dot swap in once it regenerates. I do however think it’s hit power is a little absurd. At level 20 its as powerful a hit as my 26 diplo.


Want me to make the thread? :wink:


That’s hurtful. I have feelings too :pensive:


What are feelings? I just bottle mines up and never speak of them again…come to think of it, I might need a bigger bottle…

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Put a TRex in your life.


If Rexy is lower level it won’t survive. Which most likely it will be at lower arenas.

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Yea,even allosinosaurus doesn’t kill Miragaia.
If it’s a Rex it Will be lower level than the miragaia and it won kill it cuz miragaia is
usually very high level
Rex wont kill it unless it got a crit on DSI