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Nobody tired about common Miragaia eating your epics alive?

No it won’t…unless it crits. But it leaves miragaia ready to dye to the next dino in your team, in any case. Easy peasy!

Miragaia is one of those balanced and good dinos. The non hybrids are basically trash in the game, but miragaia is pretty good. Just dont nerf it, and maybe give it a hybrid.

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I’ve never fought one, I had to climb through the raptor meta followed by the Tragod and Stegod stage. Although after a few Dracorats you’ll wish you were back with the Miras

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Not to sound sarcastic but are you thinking of the same dinosaur? Miragaia is potentially the worse dinosaur in the game. It does next to nothing as it is a tank and dies easily to anything that destroys shields. I have never failed to down one of these in one or two bites.

You will want to get your Allosaurus to level 15, because he is a component for the Allosinosaurus and he eats up Miragaia.
You will want to get your Tarbosaurus to level 20, because he is a component for the Thoradosaur and he also eats up Miragaia.
A same level Tanycolegreus (common) should beat a Miragaia every time.

Also some Epics are just bad and are only good for leveling to 15 or 20 to become an ingredient for something else.

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Thanks for all your anwsers.
Sad to put dinos i don’t want in my team in order to beat that crap lol

I remember the cries when Miragaia was included in the game; about how weak she‘d be with only shielding strike and regenerate. How some users said bad stuff about Ludia for giving us a ‚weak bad‘ dinosaur unworthy of its name ‚Miragaia‘.

Now this thread appears. And yeah, I‘m smiling right now. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Miragaia is one of the more common dino’s I fight against with my 2nd account level 10 team. I can take it out petty easily with my T-rex Gen 2 if I have it or spinosaurus where it forces them to switch it out from the wound.

2nd account wise, I’m more tired of fighting Alliance missions rewards that are 3 to 6 levels higher than my level 10 team. There is always a level 13 to 16 sinosaurus pretty much every battle.

when your team level is around 14, and you face a level 19 Miragaia, and unfortunately the 4 pick-up don’t have shield breaking ?

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My whole team is basically chompers I love when they bring this dino out lol. Its very rare now where I’m at around 3,450 trophy.

Sometimes even with shield breaking you’ll lose. Miras base damage is high like a steggo. But with a counter attack. Plus regen health while letting the counter do the killer blow. Even with Allo (which people claim is a counter) you need even levels to match it or wait for it to use its regen while fighting another Dino.

All in all, I think Mira is a top tier common and acts like a tanky tank buster.

Its actually a solid beast in the early game where people are still using raptors and such… you get its dna in every incubator and alliance requests are always filled. Its a common sight to see a level 20 mir in badlands where it can reak havoc with against teams of level 14s.

Its actually strong enough in the early game ludia buffed 2 dinos in 1.6 to help counter it. Which brings me to my next point.

The 1.6 patch Ludia literally buffed 2 dinos to help deal with over leveled mirag. Both Baryonyx will easily counter miragaia… simple t1 rtc. T2 dsr. I know a level 12 baryonyx will one shot a level 18 mir on a dsr crit.

I dont advocate leveling bary gen 2 over 15… cause of potential spinonyx… and og bary should be used for tryo after level 15.

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This dinosaur is a joke if you have any high damage defense shattering or stunning moves.

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I just fought one and it took out my Irritator, postimetrodon AND epic Trex! The issue is the healing. You think you got it then it basiclly regains all its health again and has a ridiculous ammount of damage just for a shield attack and gets crits all the time. Really sick of seeing it, I basiclly made my team now just incase one shows (and it always does, and usually wins…)


The strategy for Miragia is to anticipate the Regeneration and on the regeneration swap in to a good chomper. I tend to never lead with my chomper to have them ready to counter Mira. if you can anticipate the regen, you get a free swap and a decent chance at an easy kill if your chomper is strong enough.

If i don’t get one of my two chompers, though, I may cry just a little on the inside.

Kill dem wid my skinny ankles.:smirk::smirk::smirk:, just so you know, that’s indoraptor.

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All of my dinos have nicknames, including Kevin(Procerathomimus), papa rat(dracorex gen 2) and sans, indominus rex.



Used it once, never used it again

i use it and its level 18, i like it.