Nodo buff


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  • Einiasuchus

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Who Should I Buff Next?

It good but nodo is really not that good so maybe change the impact to rampage and we a pretty good buff

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I would just like to see Nodo which is suppose to be a legendary be given a good 100 more damage. This would balance it and make it formidable up to Avairy.

They could also introduce a counter group attack to make it raid worthy and another anti-flock move. Give the counter group attacks to some of the 1.0 dino’s that have counters.

Many of the original creatures would become more used and viable just being given a little hit point or attack buffs and some group attack moves. Some group attack moves can group cleanse reduce damage and some remove cloaks and some reduce speed.

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I think it’s a good buff but more attack is would be t

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