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Nodopato Hybrids Retweak

While they’re different, there are some obvious better choices overall. Nodopatotitan falls short and Decel Impact is Simply better than Thago right now. My suggested retweak involving a few move changes and a Thago rework:

Literally fine as is. Has Pin, .5 Counter damage to augment its low base and still add of to a bit more damage than Stegod, good Speed at 109 and has higher overall Health with armor than Nodopato. A well balanced middle ground of the three hybrids.

Overall stats are fine. One simple move tweak would change everything. Long Invincibility. Turn 1 Bellow -> gain speed -> Long Invincibility and then Bellow when it wears off! Turns Patotitan into a shielding monster with its already high health and armor but lower overall damage. The defensive extreme of the three.

Change Thagomizer into a 1.5x 3 Turn CD 3 Turn 50% Slow AND 50% Vulnerability to the enemy. Replace Rampage with Impact and reduce base damage to 1000. Reduce Health from 5400 to Giga’s 4650 and keep 30% Armor. Stegod is to Damage as Patotitan is to Defense of the three hybrids. It wont have The other’s high HP but still have great defensive capabilities but will have niche damage and lower speed. Lets be real, 5400 HP and 30% armor was bonkers for a tank that had its damage output. This would allow it to still output similar damage to the likes of Thor with a Thag into Vulnerable Impact but at a bigger consequence and risk to its health vs a tank buster!

Now you have a dynamic like this:

Dmg <-------------------------> Defense


we don’t want too many 1000 damage dinos

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I only tweaked the Stegod dmg to scale in a more balanced manner but maybe 20 dmg wouldnt hurt much

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I use nodotitan, level 28 currently, almost 29. It’s never felt underpowered to me, i do think people underrate it fairly heavily. I’d say it’s on par or better than stegod, even with low damage output. I think of it as something like erlidom, where it has very distinct counters. Against chompers, it won’t do much. It’ll deal around 2500 dmg max and slow them, making them vulnerable, which isn’t bad. But against stuff like rinex, erlidom, dilorach, tuora etc and even other tanks, it does very well simply because of how tanky it is.

Looking at your proposed change, i really disagree. Nodotitan is made for the long game, long prot being perfect for that. With 40% armor i don’t think long invince is necessary, and its long cooldown does it no favors. One buff i’d really really like to see on it is swap-in slow. That just adds a level of utility to it that no other end game tank has. And for damage output, a 0.5x counter is actually better than decel rampage over 5+ turns, fun fact :wink:


You bring up fair points! Swap in Slow wouldnt be a bad idea either.

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Nodopatotin I would give him.0.5 counter or 10% critical chance

In my opinion, Nodopatitan never should have existed. Not only does Nodopotato have 3 hybrids all of a sudden, it blocks hedge way for a cool Brachi hybrid.

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There’s still room for a Unique Brachi hybrid with Brachiosaurus and something else! We’ll see in time.

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Love that thagomizer idea :heart_eyes: