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Nodopato hybrids


It seems that stegodeus is still the most popular choice of all nodopato hybrids. Check out the teams of the best players. Nodopatotitan seems really worth it though, bellow and decelerate are very strong attacks. Gigaspika on the other hand, such a huge armoured tank, could be lacking power.

Maybe its still taking time to level them up enough to qualify for the battle team?

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Stegod is the most popular choice because everybody overleveled it last patch and didn’t switch it ouf of their team…
Right now it seems that whatever you choose is fine as a tank role…they are a bit different from each other but all the three are really good (maybe nodo lacks a bit of damage).
Like you said, i think it’s a matter of time to see some giga (some already play it) and notopato at higher level, expecially now that stegod is the most difficul of the three to level up. Players who started in the last month or so probably will opt for giga or nodo.


I already see more Gigas than before… and it really is way better now. But Nodopato could use a buff.


Yes, Nodopatotitan could use a buff in damage output. It is fun to battle with but the battles go sloooowwwww unless they have an immune shield cruncher.

Someone put one in a battle, I had mine so swapped out and put it in against it. They did very little damage to each other, like chopping an oak tree with a butter knife. After many, many back and forths they got tired of it and sent in a cruncher.