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Nodopatosaurus or Amargocephalus


Wich one is a better armored epic dinosaur; nodopatosaurus or amargocephalus? I guess the nodopatosaurus is a better option because it also works to create the stegodeus but can anyone give an advice?


Nodopato … higher HP, higher ATK, more SPD … less Armor, but still better. Plus Barrier move.


Thanks I’ll go for nodo then


Nodopato she’s a beast :heart_eyes: mines lvl 14 so hoping to get the gigaspikasaur this weekend


this is what he is working towards between the 2…


About the same speed, about the same attack damage…not the same health or armor. Both decelerate…tough call…


i used to be big on nodopatasaurus, but now i think its only worth making stegodeus. you still need nodopatasaurus at 15 to do so though, but then just funnel it all to stegodeus. stegodeus is very similar to nodopata but actually hits surprisingly hard and is faster.


I agree with you. That is the route I have chosen as well.


Nodopato because it is better and it gets you a easy legendary


Stegodeus is easier to create (obviously depends on your location, but for me at least) and trago is definitely worthwhile to work up to also, just takes a little longer to get than stegodeus. I’d definitely take every chance to collect amargo DNa that I could but don’t waste it evolving it past the level you need to hybridize. I have a high level gigaspikasaur that toook forever to make and grow and I absolutely love it, but it is easier to get a trago than a giga since it uses less amargo dna.

I don’t recommend going for giga anymore because opponents have gotten tougher and quicker at developing strong teams.