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Nodopatosaurus Superhybrid Battle Royale (JWA Battle #1)

A different topic from what I normally do, but here I’m gonna make a “real life battle” simulation between the in-game hybrids. Today, the nodopatosaurus hybrid free-for-all!

What I’ll do is make estimated lengths, heights, weights, weapons, and bite forces of the hybrids from their real-life parents (except for indo and indom cuz they’re cannon and stuff) and see who comes out on top.

Estimated Height: 13 Ft
Estimated Length: 50 Ft
Esitmated Weight: 20-35 tons
Weapons: Spikes, feet, tail
Advantage/s: Possibly the fastest of the 3. Spikes allow it to survive nodopatotitan a bit further.
Disadvantage/s: Most likely the weakest of the 3. Most likely the least heavy as well.

Height: 20 Ft
Length: 55-58 Ft
Weight: 45-55 tons
Weapons: Head and neck, feet, tail, size (if allowed)
Advantages: Height makes it harder to take down easily, the heaviest and most likely strongest of the 3.
Disadvantages: The slowest most likely, and if knocked over, at all, is basically screwed

Height: 9 Ft
Length: 35 Ft
Weight: 30-37 Tons
Adavtanges: Plates could probably intimidate the other two, granting it a better chance at taking them out, thagomizer could possibly cut gigaspikasaur, given game description
Disadvantages: Smallest of the 3, second slowest, not a good combination.

An allosinosaurus is chasing down a stegodeus, and gives up. The stegodeus runs into a herd of nodopatosaurus, and at the same time a gigaspikasaur appears after escaping a pack of diloranosaurus. The herd of nodopatosaurus leaves, besides one, who decides to stand its ground against the two intruders. The stegodeus starts whipping its thagomizer, while the gigaspikasaur attempts to intimidate its new foes. The 3 are ready for battle. Stegodeus swings at nodopatotitan, and doesn’t hurt it. Gigaspikasaur pushes nodopatotitan, while nodo tries to hit it but accidentally hits the spikes, causing a little bleed on its neck, but not fatal. Stegodeus slices open a wound for gigaspikasaur, but giga isn’t going out without a fight. It stomps on stegodeus, crushing it not too much. Nodo tries to cheap shot it, but gets whipped. Giga continues stomping stego, but stego’s weight advantage allows it to keep pushing. It slashes its thagomizer in giga’s leg, before just slashing all over the place, allowing giga to die from blood loss. Nodopatotian roars and swings its neck at stego, who dodges and slashes its neck. Nodo decides that the battle is over, and, steps on stegodeus, knocking him over. Before stegodeus could get up, nodo pins its foot on stego. To finish the job, in the style of the JWA animation, steps and steps and steps on stegodeus, ending it.


I tried to make this look not so one sided in the fight, but really, nodopatotitan has the best armor of the 3, wouldn’t really suffer from many of their blows, and overall just blow the other two out of the water. Gigaspikasaur died first because, to make it short, it couldn’t keep up with any of the other two. It may have been quick, but didn’t have the weight or strength to pull off a victory. As for stegodeus VS nodopatotitan, there was really nothing stego could do. Nodo would always outlast stegodeus due to the armor and clear size and weight difference, making the winning of this battle nodopatotitan.


Next Time: Spintahsuchus VS Spinoconstrictor

Do you agree with the results? What are you calcs on their stats? Leave in the comments!


Suerhybrid? What’s that?

Hybrids made from another hybrid and a normal creature. Thylacotator, Spinotahsuchus, Indo Gen 2, Trykosaurus are all superhybrids

I know what it is. It’s just that you misspelled it

I proofread twice and read I don’t notice the title

Nah man

20 FT fall
45 FT long
Weapons: Spikes, Tail, Thick Head, Feet
Advantage: Can’t be hit hard cuz spike concentration
Disadvantage: Big and slow target

50 FT tall
40 FT long
Weapons: Weight, Tail, Heads, Feet
Advantage: Proly fastest (in game description), head is high up so no lethal blows and is also armored from every angle, also heaviest so he couldn’t be flipped

10 FT high (These suckers were big)
30 FT long
Weapons: Thagomizer, Mouth
Advantage: Squat so small target
Disadvantage: Slow, can be crushed easily

Those are good calcs actually, can I “steal” them? Actually no, otherwise this gets finished too fast, I also said gigaspikasaur is most likely the fastest simply for amargasaurus being the fastest of the 3 non-hybrid components, so I went with it

Oh I’m just being practical