Nodopatosaurus unlocked!

It took a 12 hour incubator to get Nodosaurus DNA, when I was fusing, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it with the Nodo DNA lower than the Apat’s, but one lucky 30 saved it.


Nice!! Good at level 15… Heres a tip: if both you and your opponent are winning, and ur dino is at low health, but his is too… swap to your nodopatosaurus because the counter attack and the armor will help it survive


Congrats! He’s gonna take you far on the ranking. I always used it as an opener and most of the times it killed 1/5 dino or even 2 dinos

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Me the first one.

First one of what?

The Nodopatosaurus hybrid

Congrat, i get him at lvl 8. Hihi my 1st epic too

Congratulations !

Nodopatosaurus along with Amargocephalus were two of my favorite creatures until they gave way to Stegodeus and Tragodistis, their even more powerful hybrids.

Enjoy it for a while but stop it when you reach level 15. Then you must choose which hybrid of the three possible to create and evolve and, in my opinion, Stegodeus is far superior to Gigaspikasour and Nodopatotitan.

I just got this dino as well and am wondering if I should use it. This is my team. I’m halfway through Lockdown. I guess I could replace my Allo with Nodopatosaurus.

May i sugest? Better change pyri to nodopato, kentro for amarghochepalus. You already has 2 speed dino stygi and velo, and lack of tank.

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Congrat! First step toward creating a stego and join the club!!

Janx thanks for the suggests. Isn’t the Stego a tank?

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Jeah the legendary stego hybrid (stegodeus) is a busted tank that also hurts like a truck.

Stegodeus is like Stegosaur on god mode :sweat_smile:

I switched out the pyro for the nodopatosaurus, but I’m hesitant to trade kentro for the amargocephalus. Kentro has superiority strike which cleanses and I’m battling against a lot of suchotators lately with DOT. Plus the kentro is superior to taking out raptors.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll keep it in mind.

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As you go up the ladder, you are gonna be meeting quite a few stegodeus and if you keep leveling up your Allo, it is gonna be a tank buster. Keep it.

Owh yeah, my bad. In my previous team when i try to get to lockdown, i use stego, nodosaur, and amarghochepalus, for tank eater, Trex and Allo, for speedster, Velo and stygi and last i use ankylocodon but stop it at lvl 15.