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Nodopatotitan annoying monster 👾


What’s your opinion about Nodopatotitan?
Pros and cons of having it on a team?
Which dinos are recommended to be in the team with this long neck beast?
recently faced 2 level 19 and they are really really annoying.

Thanks in advance!!

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They can be annoying indeed, but hardly a real threat

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Small moveset makes it predictable…
and with many counters.

But it looks nice :ok_hand:t4:

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The point is that I haven’t faced many of them yet so I haven’t studied properly its moveset and Strategy to use against it.


I love mine and enjoy the animation where it ‘kicks sand’ as its counter attack. I have taken down Stegod several level higher also, it is one slooooow process though. LOL

Learn to use it, it has a surprise attack that will befuddle your opponent.

I like to use it with a team of long necks, the more the merrier.

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Any video on a Good battle???



I think she‘s one of the most beautiful dinosaurs in the game and I used her in many battles. In some cases, she really is nice (f.e. against raptors). She‘s got good armor and can use shields and slow down.

I didn‘t use her as a finisher, I mostly used her to do enough damage to the opponent‘s dinosaur and slow it down, so I can swap out in the right moment and have the first turn.

But she has many counters. She is weak against bleeders and heavy, shield breaking attacks.

I‘m battling in the ruins, where I‘m mostly battling chompers and bleeders. So sadly, I had to take her out.

But I like to use her in friendly battles. Still hope she‘ll finally get a buff.


No, sorry, I have never video’d any battles.


I think I’ve only faced four or five… And none gave me much trouble… I think I lost a couple of those battles in the end, but Nodo was not the reason for that :laughing:

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maybe using it as @GermanRaptor says: lower enough rival’s HP so you can swap to another Dino and finish the work and still keeping this tank for another use if necessary


I made some vids and screenshots but can‘t upload the vids withiut having an YT account. But there are some vids on YT from other players with Nodotitans during battles.

I really wish they would buff (:slightly_smiling_face:) her. She‘s weaker than Stegodeus even tho she‘s harder to fuse and I think she‘s got potential.

Perhaps more base dmg, higher counter attack (0,25 is just way too low) or rampage like Gigaspikasaurus.


Lol both messages were being hidden (lol is that even correct?) gotta wait until my second post is given free.

Edit: That went fast thanks.


Could be… But it’s hard to lower an enemy’s HP without having Nodo’s HP pretty low too… Probably better to let it die and send in a game-changer, like Tryostronix or Gorgosuchus

One of the battles I lost was like that… Opponent started with Nodopatotitan… I took it down… Then came Indoraptor… and he killed all my dinos =/

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You mean, buff her =)
I agree.

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Yes exactly. :joy::joy:
It‘s sometimes confusing when you‘re thinking in German and writing in English. ^^

But yeah if they would nerf them I‘d be extremely mad lol.


They’re a pain to fight against, but I have no luck using them offensively.


“Annoying” perfectly describes the Apotosaurus family. That being said, anything I have with higher speed and immunity makes short work of them.

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Rampage woukdnt be bad for nodopatotitan just saying


That’s why giga has it, they cant be exactly the same.
I like nodopatotitan! Shes served my team well! Might bench her if I get indoraptor though…

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Would it kill them to give the poor thing a .5 counter attack? Combined with it being given Long Protecc I think it would be a potent but not too harsh buff. Maybe they gave it a .25 to represent its spikes not being as dominant as Nodo’s?? Decelerating Ramage would be great in theory, but that takes away Giga’s niche as a Legendary Sauropod. Save that for a Diplodocus hybrid.

I think as mentioned in other comments, it’s weaknesses are Bleed and DS, as it should be for a tank. But it’s still seems great against everything else! Remember that. Raptors, Non-DS Counter attackers, and as someone said it can out-do SteGOD in some cases!

I think it comes down to the fact that Bleed and DS is so prominent that there’s only room for 1 or 2 good tanks on a team and Stegod already takes that spot most of the time even after the nerf.