Nodopatotitan should have decelarating rampage instead of impact

Change my mind… I think the sauropods are very underpowered in this game i want to see them higher in the meta. I think Gemini deserves rework and a spot in the Tyrant tier.


totally agree with you on this.
So does Stgydaryx. This is my proposed move set for it.
Superiority strike
Greater Stunning Rampage
Lethal swoop
Ferocity dodge (66% chance to dodge for 1 turn. Increase damage by 50 % for 2 turns) cooldown 2
Swap in Invisibility


I agree, they are my favourite but to do something they have to be boosted alot.



Invisibility eh, or has this stygi gone full dark brotherhood.

I wondered too why it didn’t gain decelerating rampage since its parents have rampage and decelerating impact, which would have made for a great hybrid move. Heck I’d even settle for a 0.5 counter to make up for the missing rampage.


I don’t know about the dodging move, mostly because it doesnt seem to make sense as being to dissimilar to the parents, but in general I like your idea. That big dome and spikes makes me think it should have a stunning move, perhaps a priority stunning rampage would be interesting as well, and I mean, it’s a unique, we all agree it should be way stronger than it is now.

Yeah, give it a rampage and a 0.5 counter to come along. That thing does no damage at all.
Also give the tanks their armor piercing moves back too. There’s no reason for them not to have them since they are so weak right now.