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Nodopatotitan still need a little buff


This dino need some buff to make them more balance, maybe counter 0.5 insted 0.25 or just some hp more, its the only one tank who cant kill raptors.


sorry mate you should try gigaspika if you like sauropods it got a massive increase in viability in 1.5! mine has taken down stegod 6 levels higher and a few Indo raptors to name some of his accomplishments post patch


:clap: just :clap: give :clap: it :clap: decelerating :clap: rampage :clap:


No sauropods have a decelerating rampage giga has rampage though and decel impact so a 1.5x & a 2x


Amargasaurus has it


As usual great move on useless Dino! Didn’t realise it was in game! why giga don’t have both rampage and that who knows


Because Amargasaurus also didn’t get that Decelerating Rampage before ver.1.5.

This move is added in game, and given to Armagasaurus in ver.1.5 patch note.


And still reading this Dinos name as Neapolitan…

Ice cream anyone? :shaved_ice:


ummmmmm… do u know how a nodopatotitan is made?
+: its basically the same type of materials. they are both nodopatosaurus + one wild rare. there is no reason why it should be worse than gigaspika.


Of course I have one, just made it and forgot about it cause it sucks lol :blush:. It focuses on shield shenanigans that’s why it sucks half the creatures in game ignore shield. It has .25 counter and lowish attack which both lower than giga so it can have some shield shenanigans which don’t work that great this patch with increased amount of dsr flying about I much prefer greater base damage, greater overall damage and a spamable slow


yes i know it is worse than gigaspika. i am just saying there is no reason why it should be worse than giga. it can actually use a buff to be on par with giga. they should be situational versions of each other. one should be better against A dinos while other should be better against B dinos


Rework sauropods on the whole pleaseeeeeee. They are so in need. There are maybe 2 people in the top 100 who run any sauropods at all – and that’s almost always gigaspika versus nodopatotitan.

They don’t have the health of Stegodeus, the invincibility of tragodistis, the high-powered attacks of either of those two, the stunning of monostego or stegoceratops, i mean… come on!

What they’re really good at is pinning stuff down and not living long enough to kill it because they can’t hit hard enough to do anything useful.

They need a niche in the meta that’s better than “Giant tanks that pin stuff and die slowly in every 1v1 match on the planet”

The priority of bellow is cool - but the fact that it does zero damage just means you live slightly longer and have to repeat bellow more than once.

I mean seriously, i played a match with Tragodistis vs Nodopatotitan. I had to repeatedly use Bellow to gain the slow and the shield in between my long protection plays, and after like 3 rotations of long protection (like 17 or 18 turns) i still died. Why? Because half the time i was hitting an invincibility shield, one fourth the time I was stunned by tragod, and 1/4th the time i was using an underclassed decelerating impact that had to hit through 40% armor. Even though my potatotitan was 1 level above their tragod, i still lost… painfully… in like 18 turns.

Not an ideal matchup i realize, but sauropods have no niche. They’re worse tanks than the good tanks. Worse counter-attackers than the good counter-attackers. Worse slowers than the good slowers (who actually dish out damage). And have more armor than anything in the game, which helps them survive about 20% longer while not actually beating anything 1v1 due to low damage output.

They’re perfectly balanced… to be perfectly mediocre… in a meta full of things that have an actual role.


It deserved the new decelerating rampage that was added. Giraffa has a rampage and Nodotitan does not? Stupid.


I think the idea is that it gets SupStrike and Bellow from GTitan, while Dec Imp and Short Def (Now Long Protection) was from Nodo.

I think a .5 counter attack like Nodo wouldn’t hurt as OP said, and that makes it sort of have a Dec Rampage with Impact damage plus .5 counter.


Think it‘s time aswell to see some other evolves then just the stego and trago!

Would love to see more sauropods i game!


I see people that use amargasaurus and have 2500-3000 trophies


Yeah thats lower than 4.5k trophies where all the viable meta compositions come out! It’s useable, it’s just countered by like any meta dino. It’s a useless Dino even at lower tier! Even more now with more dsr using Dino’s and bleeds prevalence literally only use is killing raptors and only the basic ones most of the hybrids raptors can annihilate it! PS I have every legendary (apart from nodopatitan) at lvl 20 and permanently live in aviary these days. Amargs best use was making trago and now (for 1.5 at least) using tanks is extremely risky so that benefit is kinda muted!