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Nodopatotitan's speed


Bug Description:
There’s a bug with Nodopatotitan (at least) when battling agenst Stegodeus. Nodopatotitan is faster, speed 108, than Stegodeus, speed 107, but when both creatures are slowed by 50% they become equally fast. That means that if Nodopatotitan is for example level 20 and Stegodeus level 21, Stegodeus actually becomes faster even though Nodopatotitan should remain as the faster creature (50% of 108 is more than 50% of 107). I’ve battled with Nodopatotitan for about a month now and I’ve struggled with this problem for so long, sometimes I’ve lost a battle because of this bug. I hoped it would’ve been fixed on the update but maybe you didn’t know about it.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Fight with level 20 Nodopatotitan agenst level 21 Stegodeus (it’s enough that Stegodeus is higher level)
Step 2 - Use slowing moves with same effect with both creatures
Step 3 - Use next attacks and notice that Stegodeus has become faster.

How often does it happen:
Every battle with Nodopatotitan vs Stegodeus

What type of device are you using:


It sounds like the game is rounding up since 107 isn’t a round number.


Yea its rounding half of 107 (53.5) up to 54, which is the same as half of 108