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Why is nobody using nodopotatitan? i think that it’s a decent dino actually…
I like the design and moveset idea… it’s a decent tank
would you use nodopotatitan if it had 0,5 counter, and decelerating rampage?

i’d rather get stegod

You pretty much answered it in your op… its a decent at best tank in a meta in which the only tank being played is Tryko and those that havent replaced stegod yet.

Simply put there are far better tanks and even those tanks arent considered optimal… im not convinced this patch is gonna be any kinder to tanks not named dio and tryko. The new ones/buffed ones might surprise me.

I like it too but IMO it’s the worst legendary. Should have a rampage as a move to make it great.

Sauropods aren’t great in the game. That would be why.

The renewed crocodile is in third position in 1.7, better look at him closely.

I do run it. Mine’s 28 so far, does fine. Can kill 2+ dinos if the opponent doesn’t have any counters.

I leveled mine to a 20 in hopes that one day itll be great :slight_smile: I do pull it out for some of the raptor strike towers. It has nice moves but damage level is too low.

I run Gigaspike. Even though it has a lower base attack and health, you can get up to 6x damage over three turns, but Nodopato can only max out at 4.5x damage over the same three turns. Gigaspike also has a greater speed. That 109 comes in handy with a lot of other dinos having the 109 also. It even acts as a DC counter with pinning strike, which Nodopato doesn’t have.


I don’t have it, but judging by its moveset, Nodop is all about slowing the opponent to set up for your slower heavy hitters while dishing out consistent damage with SS and counter attack.

But with many immune creatures running around, instant charge, priority moves… I guess its usefulness declines.

If it can regain the swap-in slow from Giraffatitan, maybe it would be better?

It needs rampage from Giraffatitan, I have Giraffatitan in my team and it does a gold job.

I disagree, all nodotitan needs for better dmg output is 0.5x counter. If i were to pick one thing for it to inherit from giraffatitan, that would be the sia slow :smile:

Except Apatosaurus

They shouldn’t even have added Nodopatitan. Not only did it make Nodopotato get 3 hybrids all of a sudden, it also blocked hedge way for a cool Brachiosaurus hybrid.

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It’s a great dinosaur, but it’s extremely underpowered. Perhaps using the “stat boosting” function from 1.7 can increase its relevance. However, I personally think it still needs a move like Deaccelerating Rampage to be more viable.

In my case, because Giraffatitan’s low spawn rate rivals most epics. I’ve seen 2 in the wild since I started playing last year, have just got up to Lv 15 by endlessly hassling my alliance for donations - only to find out it costs 200 per fuse so I will have to continue hassling them for months/years to come. Had an incubator with his face on it, but none of his DNA inside. Never gets featured. Doesn’t spawn during the day. Just too much work to get if you don’t live or work night shifts in L4.