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Nodorex/Nodorax - New Hybrid

I present you new idea - new Unique hybrid, you can make - Nodorex/Nodorax - from Nodosaurus and Dracorex
Created By: me (idea + stats)Drawn be: a friend: Kája Krmelová

Possible stats level 40: 9260 health 2819 Attack - 381 747 coins/12h

Please @Keith and @Ned take look, it was a lot work for my friend she drawn him for this post and both games (this and Alive)


Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us, Lucky14!

Also, please tell your friend that her drawing looks amazing! :star_struck:

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Looks awesome


Super cool, I have shared it with the team.


Thank you very much a least for that. :slight_smile:

I wish I could draw like that…

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Me also :joy:

Make a stagy/rex Hybrid

there no vips hybrids

Trysatops/vlosrpter Hybrid