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NoGutsNoGlory is looking for active Members

We’re looking for active members. We took on a lot of starters but ended up with a top 5 members being very active in the battlefield and a top 10 actually doing something at the hunting grounds. Especially the starters only asking for dna and expecting to shoot all from their home. Now we don’t expect everyone to be highly active in the Arenas but you can at least go out there, spin all supplydrops you encounter and shoot all your darts to level up your level 1-4 team. But no… so we kicked them out and now we’re looking for truely active members.

We bring:

-A generously donating team eager to improve
-An active top 5-7 in the Battle arenas
-An active top 10 out there in the fields
-Active updates on events/strikes per chat
-Help / support per chat if needed

We expect:

-High activity either in the arenas or in the field (Both would obviously be great)
-Requesting dna means donating even if it’s the minimal donation and for an animal your saving for!
-Friendly battles
-Improvement either on your team or battle progress
-Dedication to the alliance missions

Player level has no minimum but you better be climbing soon :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your request