NoGutsNoGlory seeks serious and active players


Seeking a (new) alliance? NoGutsNoGlory seeks new members willing to:

  • Join our discord (it’s mandatory)
  • Stick to our rules
  • Finish your daily battle daily
  • Donate
  • Have open communication about donations and finishing the daily’s
  • Hold incubators to maximise the rank up alliance missions
  • Battle perhaps a bit more than minimum and/or really active in darting/supplydrop spinning etc

You’ll get:

  • a very motivated alliance
  • an extensive discord server with help/info/chat etc
  • members willing to donate
  • clustered sanctuaries for max. Dna gathering per creature
  • members willing to do (a lot of) friendly battles

Please only request to join after joining our discord (preferably use your JWA playername) Code:

Looking forward to welcoming you.