Non-active reward nerf?

So, in Jurassic World alive, if you leave the game for a certain amount of time (idk how much) it gives you dna of Scorpius rex Gen 2. (Maybe something else idk). It gives you a huge amount, and you can easily gain whats left from darting. I think this should be nerfed as it gives new players a HUGE jump and kind of unfair for the people who worked for it


I left the game for many months and only got so much epic DNA.
I didn’t get any legendary but I got special offers for incubators but they cost over 48$ Can.
Not really worth leaving if you want to get DNA. It’s much faster if you play the game.


Thats odd… I left for 2 weeks and didnt get any offer, but a butt ton of scorpius rex gen 2 dna…

I left the game for a year and when i came back i got like a welcome back pass and you can get the rewards by doing dailies and this was before the pass update


I played very infrequently for a good while before the Pass update. I got this Welcome Back incubator after 4 weeks or so, 2 or 3 times. It contained loads of (then-)sought-after DNA, cash, coins, and even boosts.

To be fair, the bundle was surprisingly huge and valuable for a free gift, but still only a fraction of what you would get by playing daily. It’s not like it saves returning players from falling way behind active players.

I find the rewards I got within reasonable limits, and I think someone posted about them having been reduced in the update. The gift is there to keep you playing, so obviously it should be tempting enough to be effective.

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