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Non-Boosted Arena Suggestion

After suffering countless losses against high-level hyper-boosted monsters (and being told that fighting level 26+ creatures while having 20-23 level creatures with no boosts was considered fair), I came up with an idea (that likely got brushed off by the customer support guy). Rather than saying “let’s get rid of boosts!”, I’m suggesting an arena system that does not allow the use of boosts. Like in JWTG, where they have arenas that have the boost cards for some arenas and none for others, something like that could be implemented here. It would function the same as a normal arena, but restricts the use of any stat boosts. The pros to that are as follows:

-Provides players with an insight to the game’s actual balancing
-Provides players the oppurtunity to escape the destabilization of the arena as a result of boosts
-Players who cannot or will not pay money to purchase in-game boosts and are scoring higher in the arenas (like myself) will have more balanced options for fighting, outside of no-boost level 26 only tournaments
-Offers an opportunity to rework the matchmaking system. Players, regardless of trophy count, should only be matched up against players of similar strengths. One should never have a team of level 20-23 legendaries and uniques with no boosts and face off against a team of 28+ boosted nightmares. They will lose to the ones who clearly spent LOTS of money every single time
-Players could earn rewards from both arenas, rewarding players who will brave the darkness while at the same time fighting where they fit in better
-Offers players who overuse boosts an insight on what their team really is like without them (this current tournament seems to show how people aren’t used to fighting without their boosts)

Surely this would be supported by many players, as I know for sure that I’m not the only one growing increasingly more tired of the boosted meta. I hope this suggestion is actually considered and implemented, as this could bring me back to the game and have me be a more active player without a doubt.


Yup,it is exactly the number one request of the community…
Along with:
-Fix the speedtie issue
-Balance ardentis
-rework /remove boosts

Personaly,i would aswell:
-if they stay,add more way to earn boosts ,double the rewards or give us more way to get them

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Oh I agree. As much as I love Ardentismaxima and Trykosaurus, they are exceptionally overpowered right now. Alloraptor is a good counter, and Magnapyritor and Monolometrodon come in close too, but they shouldn’t only have a select few counters like this.
As for speed ties, could you explain that? I probably have seen it but just don’t recall it.
And YES on the boosts. It is INSANELY hard to obtain a viable amount of boosts! Honestly if we could go back to the original stat boost system (keep the refundable option) it would be a lot better, as I enjoyed that (except for the crazy boosted monsters, but unless they do something awesome they will always be here)

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Oh look another lets have more flab on an already flabby app because I cannot win.

Look, JWA is poorly coded for 1001+ reasons. Adding more PvP flab and inevitably more bugs isnt going to make the game better. Non-boosted arena works if you coded it from the start not adding it halfway and hoping it doesnt get its wires crossed. So you go into the arena with your half boosted team thinking its a no boost battle only to be run over by a fully boosted team because Ludia.

Next thing is “fair” matchmaking was put into the game and it created a new problem. Essentially the leaderboard was a mish-mash of many leaderboards running independently of each other and the top 1st and 2nd on the leaderboard never met and would have never met each other had things remained.

It effectively rewarded playing lower teams to get the big prizes instead of actually playing your strongest team. So using lvl 20s works better than lvl 30s. Having 5 lvl 30s and 3 lvl 10s works better than having a full 8 of lvl 30s.

What you are suggesting is if we have Advantage and Skill Tournaments running at the same time and due to Ludia they occassionally overlap causing anger.

What Ludia has to do is easy: reset less lazily, make the rewards in the top 3 arena less bleh and more exciting. There is no need to destroy the game trying to make things fair in theory but end up angering everyone when bugs and exploitation destroy the experience.

Changing rewards doesn’t fix matchmaking. The issues highlighted focus on matching up against a similar team rather than a similar team power, as well as giving a non-boosted option.

Those whole reason match making is as bad as it is… is most of the games population are in the mid arenas…

Splitting that population more wont make better match making you’ll still be facing Dino 3-4 levels higher then yours. They just won’t be boosted.


It’s a nice idea and one that I would support but it will never happen because it will further divide the players in the Arena.