Non-boosted team suggestions

I am currently in Lockwood library and bleeding trophies 5255-5011thanks to the balancing not weighing boosts adequately. My team is currently lvl26 erlindom, lvl26 indo,lvl 26 tryko,lvl 25 magna, lvl 26 Dior, lvl26 tenontorex, lvl 23 quetzorion, lvl 26 ardentistmaxima. My team ranges from 3-8 total tiers of boost. I have been facing teams with average lvl of 29 and dinos ranging from 12-24 tiers of boost. I am thinking of dropping my team and running non-boosted. What do y’all recommend I should use on my team (I currently have everything but spinoconstrictor unlocked) ? Or is it not worth changing my team and just deal with the over boosted teams and see if matchmaking starts giving me some more equal opponents?

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running an unboosted team and dropping can be a breath of fresh air. What about using dinos to counter the metta? Do something fun with it. @SicilianBeast uses a completely immmune team (or as close as he was able to get it so far)

I run mostly unboosted dinos, with a lot of stuff i can slot in at any point. Boosts on Tryko (20),
Allorap (19) and smilonemys (3 speed)

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The immune team has gotten me to 4800 trophies recently and probably because of the addition of Maxima to my team.


I can tell you this as I’ve been unboosted almost two and half months, it’s gonna be easier at the same time harder. But if you really want to then yes it worth it it’s a good breath of fresh air and you get used to it also shows how broken boosts are Lol anyway here is my team and trophy and high score I think I’m doing pretty well


Lol have you thought about going unbolted it’s pretty great all be it annoying but you do learn tricks plus feels so good taking doing boosted teams

Wait what you max then?

I have not tried non-boosted teams as I have been stubborn in that eventually they will fix the balancing. Figure if I am going to drop out of my arena, might as well try something different and use any boosts I get to continue to strengthen my original team. Here are some pics of my higher level. image image image image

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I’m completely UnBoosted and have 5,364 trophies at the moment. Though I haven’t really tried to go higher. I just hang out in the 4,600 - 5,100 range.

You need Stegodeus. It’s not the best starter except that it is a great counter to the creatures considered to be the best starters. Therefore it’s the best starter.


I’m just stubborn and don’t want to take the hit on tryko tbh. Allorap is gonna go when she gets a unique. and sit isn’t a problem to take them off smilon.
Don’t have anything i want to replace tryko with atm.


Lol tryko is ver strong withou boosts so I don’t think removing them will hurt you as for allo ya idk what to say :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

And I mean I see a certain swap in Lion that can help if you feel like tryko is your crutch

And also what arena / trophies are you at

nah. tryko isn’t a crutch dino. more of a failsafe against some relatively annoying dinos. Procerath, indo g2 on occasion and surprisingly indoms. I’m seeing more indoms lately.

Level 21 right now with boosts in health, speed, and attack

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In library 5038.

With lvl 21s oof ya that’s gonna way down if your unboosted, see the way I see it is if you go unboosted you get to see how good your skill and team are and in what arena you supposed to be

Lol I mean like over all team and arena

Also wanted to point out and ask… holy crap ya got :rhinoceros: ?

I mean, tryko is easily countered. I still see spyx on occasion. Maxies and thors still wipe the floor with her. but if boosts weren’t so expensive and more readily available i’d try unboosted for a while.

I mean not to be rude or even offensive but I think the fact most of your lvl 21 that also isn’t doing you any favors. Mostly I see that lvl of Dino’s in high Lockwood around low aviary