I noticed that only dinosaurs and crocodilians are in the game…

However, they are a LOT of prehistoric animals that are not dinosaurs thar should be added to the game imo. Things like Titanoboa, Mammoth or dodo (call me stupid of you want). What do you guys think ?


We have some amphibians too, and pelycosaurs etc.


There has been some discussion before and the concensus was largely in the favour of no cenozoics. Animals that fit the dinosaur era theme - dimetrodon, diplocaulus…etc were fine but no mammoths.

Personally I’m waiting desperately for the marine reptiles. Love me some sea monsters.


I understand you opinion about Mammoth, since actually, just remembered that they lived in a completely different time. My bad.


And i actually learned that they were mammals. that’s some weird stuff from a reptile-shaped animal.


Um… Reptile-shaped? No. Mammoths and Mastodons were basically ginormous fuzzy elephants. Which are mammals, and decidedly not reptile shaped in any way.


I think he’s talking about Pelycosaurs,


I dunno about that. Read both of the posts back to back. He’s continuing the comment regarding mammoths.


Pelycosaurs were very remote ancestors of mammals. They were a type of synapsid called a therapsid. Some synapsids survived the Permian-Triassic extinction, and evolved into little furry things. After the K-T event which wiped out the dinos, the mammals continued their evolution, becoming more diverse and much larger.


Pelycosaurs were not mammals, although they did share a few characteristics with more advanced synapsids. This is part of the reason why on an evolutionary chart, there’s a wide gap between the pelycosaurs and other mammal-like reptiles. The other part of why there’s a huge gap is due to the 200,000 year space during the extinction that wiped them out at the end of the Permian. (Actually, over 90% of all life on Earth was killed during this event, and no one knows for sure what caused it. Compare that to the 70% die-off at the end of the Cretaceous period.)


And then, roughly 250 Mya, life got a hard re-boot, and the Triassic began.


Gorgonopsids would be cool. Hopefully more temnospondyls
Titanoboa probably has a legit chance to come at some point just because it’d make a crazy hybrid.


Sadly, Titanoboa was a creature that came around after the dinos had gone extinct. Most snakes started to evolve during the latter part of the Cretaceous, but they were nowhere near the size of Titanoboa.

Reptile, yes. But it really had no relation to the dinosaurs. Crocs are a different matter, as they are archosaurs, the same as the dinosaurs. Snakes are generally thought to have evolved from a certain type of lizard. And in-game, it would just look weird and somewhat out of place to see a huge constrictor vs. a dino.


Gorgonopsids were actually more closely related to the mammals than pelycosaurs, but still - they don’t really fit here, cool though they were.


But they do fit the dinosaur theme, just like Dimetrodon, so i could see Gorgonopsids and similar making a possible appearance.


That’s true. I’d be more okay with seeing gorgonopsids in-game than some jumped-up boa constrictor.


Don’t be too hard on the Titan boi, he is trying his best to be a terrifying reptile.

Though, it’s more of a giant anaconda than anything, wasn’t it? I remember even an article stating it was more than likely mainly fish eater as well, rather than going for mammals.


It lived in the same place as purussaurus, gryposuchus, and carbonemys so it would’ve had tough competition. It likely preyed on all 3 as an apex predator as well as fish. Don’t really know if it’s a boa or python. I guess boa(anaconda) given the name.
Some giant archosaurs would also be cool like Smok, Saurosuchus, and Teratosaurus.
Probably better to stick mostly to Dino’s and pterosaurs given there are so many though and it is Jurassic Park after all


Fun fact for those who don’t know… Teratosaurus was not a true dinosaur. When it was originally discovered, not much was known about what criteria had to be met to be considered a dinosaur. It did live during the Triassic, but it was most likely a pseudo-croc like Postosuchus and nundasuchus.



Never heard of that one. I know there was an abelisaurid dino recently found that was named Thanos…