Yup, Smok wawelski. Potentially the largest carnivore of the Triassic. Named after a polish dragon I think. Nobody really knows what family it belongs to, just that it’s not a dinosaur


Interesting. I’ll have to look it up.


Just read a Smithsonian article about it. Turns out that Smok might be in the same family as Postosuchus after all, although at 16 feet long, Smok was shorter than Posto.

Or then again, it might be bigger. We won’t really know for sure unless someone digs up a bigger specimen. Triassic fossils are usually pretty rare finds to begin with.


Yeah mammals don’t really fit in the game, lets keep the game mesozoic related (dimetrodon, grypo and some other get a pass i think).


I’d like to see more Abelisaurs in the game, maybe Skorpiovenator or Rugops.


Buuuut, since the topic is non-dinos, I would settle for maybe Liopleurodon or “Predator X” in the marine reptile group, and possibly Cearadactylus or Tapejara for the pterosaurs.


Skorpio and rugops would be awesome


what about nyctosaurus, ornithocheirus or geostembergia


Those would be great. Geosternbergia is actually the pterosaur at the end of The Lost World which should give it bonus points for getting added
Nothosaurus would be really cool too. No idea what animation it could use though, maybe the dimetrodon one?


I had originally thought of Geosternbergia, but it’s a Pteranodon species, and there’s already a Pteranodon in-game.


uh, well; what about jeholosaurus or anurognathus


I’m not saying there couldn’t be a Geo in the game, but it would have to be different from the base epic Pteranodon.


Any ptero is okay, but the tiny ones probably wouldn’t work well for the purposes of gameplay.


well I know, i just wanted to add another pterosaur species


I know. I just said it in a roundabout way. I’m tired, had a long day at work, and am watching a documentary on the band Gorillaz.


well here are more species to have more ideas:



I’m just waiting hopefully for marine reptiles. Always had a love for sea monsters. :fish: