(non)Leveling weirdness and vicious XP circles

I just started playing tonight and as I was winding down, I noticed all of my characters except my wizard were a couple hundred xp into level 4. My wizard was around 545 in level 3. I played her more than I played the warrior and rogue, and she didn’t die noticeably more than either of them, so I really can’t explain the discrepancy.

Assuming the difference is intentional, this becomes a problem as I continue - while she wasn’t dieing more before, she certainly is now that she’s lower level than everyone else - which gets her less xp, which widens the gap.

Is this ‘falling behind spiral’ a common issue?

Also, is there any way I might have lost xp on my wizard or done something to boost the other three? Just can’t understand how they got so far ahead of her.

Upgrading gear gives xp, so you’ve probably upgraded more gear for your other heros

Maybe that was it. I upgraded her common pants and the next adventure I had 140 extra xp on her

If your hero dies during battles that hero will receive less xp than those that survive.

Thanks - I had noticed that but didn’t think it would make up the discrepancy. Turns out the xp from leveling equipment blows away that gotten from adventurers - just had to level once piece of gear to get her back on track.

Tho I read that you figured it out. I just want to add too that my wizard was way under leveled and still is due the supposed RNG of her not getting gear cards. I actually had to buy the card pack from the shop to get her caught up to even my BARD which was my 4th character.